Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fish people, move along.

This is not about fish. I would probably love fish if I didn't kill them all within seconds of putting them in my fish tank. This is an actual picture of my aquarium: As you can see, no fish. I've decided to just grow algae in it since that is the only thing that thrives. This will probably be the last you hear about fish on here unless I rub another one out or attempt to describe some abomination I tried to make for dinner.
I am not going to write about the band Phish either, so if you have gotten your feathers ruffled because I spelled it wrong, simmer down. I met a Phish follower named "Koochie," (seriously that's what he said) when I was in high school and he was a creepy dude (kind of a long, weird story,) so I've been too scared to attempt to listen to their music.
Fish is my son's nickname, in case I've gone too far. Are you bored yet?
I'm kind of a stay at home mom, but I babysit. My son is the most adorable, sweet, special creature on the planet, I'm completely in love with him. I've been married for three and a half years, but practically married for almost ten, (to a guy that pretty much just left us for a gorgeous male to female transsexual and to try as hard as he can to get the full alcoholic experience.) I'm a scorpio. I have four bearded dragons, and three cats, (who all have serious psychological problems.) I enjoy knitting hats. I have many lovely friends who are great moms and fun people, ( and are all in their own ways crazy and dysfunctional too and I love them!)
I got drunk one time and asked my best friend to cut my hair like Jeff Foxworthy.
I think that's enough ice breaking. Should anyone ever decide to follow this, I will wonder about you. This is all crap.


  1. I don't remember you *asking* me to cut your hair like Jeff Foxworthy... Didn't you point to the picture of Wynonna Rider?

  2. Hey Spitandvinegar don't be harsh, when one has one's beer goggles on pointing is kind of tough.

    BTW, All cats have personality disorders. Cats are Autisitc. My Aspie son will confirim this for you if you like.

    I also have a gift for killing pets. True story is my then to be WIFE had me name a bird. It immediately dies. I name two fish, both die.

    She wouldn't let me name any of the kids...

  3. Ya, I've heard that about cats before, but I think the three I have were hit a few extra times with the crazy stick. It was probably a good call with the kids, you crack me up.:)